Great animation with instalments of the Star Dudes Trilogy

Star Dudes, Bad Dudes and Return of the Dude.

A series of Flash animations depicting the Star Wars Films in around Three minutes, Four Minutes and Four and a half minutes respectfully.

Each will take at least five minutes to download, but I think they are worth it.

If you can't find them then follow links on the Dude site


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A mad site with send ups of Friends Reunited and Ask Jeeves, plus an assortment of never told before news stories, ask George the resident Doctor and adverts to make you think



Mad and sometimes unreal and even sickening

Animation at it's best and worst.


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Started by The Great Douglas Adams the writer behind the

Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy

A Trilogy in Five Parts

A mixture of chatroom and resource centre with just about all subjects covered in the known universe and probably beyond.




The Wild Whacky World of Circus Fudge

Need I say More






A Great Resource to check your web page load times, file sizes, meta tags and description and html code.



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The Very Best Site For Dodge50 Series Vehicles



The Very Best Site For Dodge50 Series Vehicles