Dept. of Transport HGV Safety Check Schedule (or in other words Goods Vehicle Test Sheet).
Provided by CircusBox Interactive 2002
Check it out yourself to save time and money at the testing station ( if you need a test that is, we Don't .WHY?)


1 Legal Plate Position

2 Legal Plate Details

3 Smoke Emission

4 Road Wheels and Hubs

5 Size and Type of Tyres

6 Condition of Tyres

7 Bumper Bars

8 SpareWheel

9 Carrier Trailer Coupling

10 Coupling on Trailer

11 Trailer Landing Legs

12 Condition of Wings

13 Cab Mounting

14 Cab Doors

15 Cab Floorand Steps

16 Driving Seat

17 Security of Body

18 Condition of Body

19 Mirrors

20 View to Front

21 Condition of Glass or Other Transparent Material

22 Windscreen Wipers and Wind screen Washers

23 Speedometer

24 AudibleWarning Driving

25 Controls Tachograph

26 Play at Steering Wheel

27 Steering Wheel

28 Steering Column

29 Air/Vacuum Warning

30,31,32,33,34, Not allocated

35 Build up of Air/Vacuum

36 Hand Levers Controlling Mechanical Braking Systems (Inspection in Cab)

37 Service Brake Pedal (Inspection in Cab)

38 Service Brake Operation (Inspection in Cab)

39 Hand Operated Air or Vacuum Brake Control Valves (Inspection in Cab)

40 Not allocated

41 Condition of Chassis

42 Electrical Wiring and Equipment

43 Engine Mountings

44 Oil Leaks

45 Fuel Tank and System

46 Exhaust System

47 Not allocated

48 Condition of Spring Pins and Bushes

49 Condition of Suspension Units

50 Attachment of Suspension Units

51 Shock Absorbers

52 Not allocated

53 Stub Axles/Wheel Bearings

54 Steering Linkage

55 Steering Box

56 Power Steering

57 Transmission

58 Notallocated

59 Mechanics' Brake Components

60 Brake Wheel Units

61 Brake pipes, Master-cylinders, Reservoirs, Valves and Connections

62 RearMarkings

63 Obligatory Siae Lamps (Position and Function)

64 Obligatory Rear Lamps (Position and Function)

65 Obligatory Reflectors, Side Reflectors (on Long Vehicles and Trailers)

66 Functioning of Direction Indicators

67 Vertical Aim of Headlamps

68 Obligatory Headlamps (Position and Function)

69 Obligatory Stoplamps (Position and Function)

70 TrailerParking Brake

71 Maintenance of Service Brake (Rolling Road Test)

72 Maintenance of Secondary Brake (Rolling Road Test)

73 Maintenance of Parking Brake (Rolling Road Test)

74 Not allocated

75 Not allocated