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A Week Long Circus Course

CircusBox can provide circus workshops over a week long period and put together a performance by the students. Below you will find some pictures from De Montfort Hall, Leicester where we put a performance together for family and friends.

First you need a gaggle of children.

Then you need a circus tutor.

Greg (Dr. Colin) Wells for example.

Then you can start the workshop.


From Plate Spinning to Juggling,

and Pedal Go to Unicycle.

And fall off.

Practice those skills,

Get Mums helping too.

The make up is important,

Costumes are too.

Add it all together and performers are formed.


CircusBox is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

CircusBox never charge the children directly for the workshops, on principal,
event organizers are responsible for this as this gives the children more of a feeling of being part of the circus.

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