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Circus Box Interactive presents

An introduction to CircusBox and a description of what we can offer your event.

Experience The Circus Box Workshops.

In a fun and safe environment the participants will have the chance to try their hand (or feet) at some of the skills of the circus (see list below). This encourages team work, co-ordination, balance and concentration but most of all FUN!

Workshops are available for children of all ages and abilities.

Structured workshops. We can cater for between 15 and 100 participants at any one time,from day long to week long (or more) workshops culminating with a performance by the participants.

Circus Badge workshops especially designed for Brownies and Guidescan be included within an event.

Drop in workshops. Where you can come and go as you please.

With a full range of circus equipment and tutors on hand we can cater for up to 250 participants at any one time.

Skills on offer. Plate spinning, juggling (balls, rings, clubs, scarves), pedal-go balance toys, diabolo, tightrope walking, devilsticks, stilt walking, unicycling, clowning, staff turning, performance skills, prop making and more.

Workshops can be held inside or out and if held on a good sized grassy area can be marked with our Little Big Top, a colourful 20 ft. pole with strings of bunting which gives the effect of a Circus Top without the canvas. This is the perfect space for the workshops and performances to be held in, and we can keep the equipment within the surrounding area. Area needed 60 x 60ft min.

Circus Box Workshops are ideal for Schools, Arts centres, Youth clubs, Drama and Theatre groups, Parties, Fetes, Carnivals, Festivals or just about any public or private function.

Who is Greg Wells?

Greg ( ex Dr. Colin ) Wells has performed and taught circus skills since 1990. He combines his experience of working with youth groups, theatre and drama groups and people who have special needs with his love of the circus.

After practicing falling over for many years he can now do it in his sleep.

Greg has performed and worked with among others; members of Zippos Circus, Olly Crick puppeteer, Phill Gunderson mime artist, Mr. Fizzbangs Circus and The Stratosphere fire show troupe.

Greg has run various circus projects lasting from 2 weeks to 9 years(circus Pipsqueak youth circus) and has worked with children and adults of all ages and abilities. He is currently starting a new project in Yorkshire where he is living with his family, he still travels the country providing quality entertainment and during June-July he will be on tour in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and London, and popping up to Yorkshire now and again.

Doctor Colin has performed at Buckingham Palace and The Royal Albert Hall, on BBC 1, ITV, MTV, Cable and Radio and been seen in many national and local newspapers.

Dear Greg thankyou for giving up so much of your time to perform at Buckingham Palace recently. Your splendid and amusing acting made all the difference for me…you provided a remarkable spectacle on arrival and everyone was greatly impressed. This brings you my very best wishes and heartfelt appreciation.” Yours most gratefully H.R.H Prince Charles.

'As seen by the Queen' the first man to unicycle through the staterooms and ballroom of Buckingham Palace. While performing at Prince Charles 50th Birthday celebrations. " I met the Queen and apologized in case I had left any black tyre marks on her carpets".

"Lollipop signs, chairs, fire and flammable objects, suitcases, cups of water and unicycles feature heavily with Greg, and he exploits them with no mercy".

A man on the street.

"..comic genius, street entertainer and circus master"

Scratch magazine

"...high energy....high quality.... energetic and accessible ....an innate ability to inspire confidence and enthusiasm.....commitment to his craft...thoroughness of a true professional.. an unending appetite for encouraging people to enjoy themselves."

Sally Staples, Tunbridge Wells Arts Development Officer



Access for a vehicle with a min 7 feet width and 12 ft height

On site parking for vehicle and trailer min length 45 ft at performance area is essential! (unless informed otherwise)

Prices on application, all bookings are subject to a 25% deposit.

Contact Circusbox for more details

E-mail doctor@circusbox.co.uk



Email doctor@circusbox.co.uk

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