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A Day of Circus with Dr. Colin.

Below you will find an example of a circus day timetable at a primary school working with 100 children throughout the day.

Starting with a performance for all children and teachers including those not joining the workshops through the day.
30 minutes of pure Pandemonium as Dr. Colin tries bizzare stunts and circus skills and ending on his one wheeled wobbly finish.

Then 4 x 1 hour circus workshops for 25 children with two staff / adult helpers provided by the school.

Trying out juggling (balls, scarves, clubs), plate spinning, diabolo, poi swinging, pedal go balance and flower sticking.

The children are split into two groups and rotated around the equipment with one adult helper per group,

The circus equipment is split into 4 areas

1. Juggling, 2 Diabolo, 3 Pedal go, 4 Poi, Flower sticks and Plate spinning.

Example timetable.

9-15 - 9-45. Performance.

10-00 - 11-00. First workshop.

11-15 - 12-15. Second Workshop.

12-15 - 1-15. Lunch.

1-15 - 2-15. Third Workshop.

2.20 - 3-20. Forth Workshop.

The cost for a day of circus with CircusBox as above starts at £250 + expenses, = approx £3-00 per child, CircusBox travels the entire country so wherever you are you too can be a part of the circus for a day.

Workshops held over two days or more start at £450+ expenses
Workshops held over five days start at £1,000 + expenses.

Taster workshops of 45 minutes or less are available to enable more children to try their hand or feet at some of the skills of the circus.

Day workshops for one small group (20-30) also include clowning and performance skills, stilt walking and for the 9 and over ages a chance to try out a unicycle, culminating in a short end of day performance by the children.

For more information please contact Circusbox. Details Below.


Email or phone / text UK Mobile 07971 836 301

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